Pickles and Presents

from by Texturez

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I spit when I form saliva
It’s a process of the body
Naturalism, naturalism
I like pickles, but not when they’re in a jar
I prefer it when it’s got naturalism, or at least semi elements of naturalism
Who likes pickles anyway
They’re in burgers everyday
Alright, go it Jobe Jobe

My name is Jobe Jobe, I’m not a homo
You call me a homo? You must be a homophobe
I’m not a homophobe
My name is Jobe
J, O, B, E
J, O, B, E
See me in the streets and you meet me
I don’t wanna look at you nasty
You cheddar infection, I am ambidextrous
I don’t wanna section
In the books about my life
When I met you wish I had a knife
I don’t wanna breathe in your presence
I don’t want Christmas, no more presents
I am Jewish, don’t believe in that shit
Watch me here as I spin this shit uh

Spit it
Gotta have them pickles, and shit
Uh, mmm, spit it, mmm mmm
Pickle life, yea, uh

When you on that pickle life
Make sure you have a
Good looking wife
But don’t, make your knife too sharp
You get cut and you’ll be in the dark about life
With your wife because she cut you
Be a good husband and respect women in their cusps of humanity


from S​/​T, released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Texturez Melbourne, Australia

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